your age


This is a project to photograph as many women as possible who are willing to “embrace their age,” both literally and figuratively. Let’s face it, aging is not easy. In our youth-obsessed culture you can’t even open a magazine without being faced with some product promising to make you look younger.

Imagine a world where every age is a wonderful thing. Where scars and lines and gray hairs are considered signs of wisdom and experience, just as fabulous at 65 as smooth skin is at 25. Imagine a world where it’s perfectly OK to be who you are, look like you do, and enjoy each day as it comes. Try looking in the mirror and saying, “yay” instead of “yuck.”

My wish is that you will be able to manage your own aging process better with the support of these images, which show you what to expect in the real world of aging. You will not see retouched models here; this is the real thing. Click above on “gallery” to see all the wonderful and brave women who came forward for this project.

Ladies, can we talk about this age thing?

Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.

~ Mark Twain